Curated 2021

Deptford X Curated shows ran from 9th - 11th July & 13th - 18th July 2021

Deptford X 2021 is an outdoor art trail through SE8 and SE14 featuring a curated programme of performances and new work. This year’s festival features three new artists chosen by the festival director, Nathalie Boobis, these artists are: Chila Kumari Singh Burman, Sahra Hersi and Harold Offeh.

Our digital programme this year takes the form of 7, 30 minute audio works broadcast via AAJA radio and essays by Jamila Prowse and Mimi Chu which explore the importance of art, community and place in a post-pandemic world.

This year you can also ‘Ask the Artists‘ via our friends at In The Room who have helped us produce an interactive Q&A tool that allows you to pose a question to one of our artists about their work and to hear directly from them – so head over to this page and get your questions ready!

We are also proud to present two commissions selected via open call, these artists are: Bryan Giuseppi Rodriguez Cambana with Dancing with my Future to Salserin and Ghost and John, curated by Sandra Lam with Radio Neighbourhood. 

Our open call panelist were: Harold Offeh and Sahra Hersi to whom we offer our most heartfelt thanks for their  time and input. 

Bryan Giuseppi Rodriguez Cambana with Dancing with my Future to Salserin, has been supported by Lendlease.