Deptford X 2002

Deptford X 2002 Festival

2002 Festival Archive:


Festival Director: 

Reuben Thurnhill


Core Artists:

  • Bob Smith
  • Roberta Smith
  • Peter Davies
  • Cesare Pietroiusti



  • Tony Bone
  • Jane Denyer
  • Nigel Fowler
  • Colin Halliday
  • Nico Ismay
  • Dominic McGloughlan
  • Caroline Natzler
  • Ronnie McGrath
  • Frances Presley
  • Ana Laura Torres
  • Paul Jakerman
  • Polly Hallam
  • Jones Chodha
  • Lionel Openshaw
  • Regine Romain
  • L.W. Moody
  • Caroline Gregory
  • Julian Sharples
  • Patricio Forrester
  • Maxwell
  • Hannah Brassington
  • Trevor Merrell
  • Neil Chapman
  • Tim Jones
  • Pele
  • Gilson Pereyra
  • Steven Pippin
  • Luke Eastop
  • Artmongers
  • Philip Sure
  • Amanda Kelly
  • Tajender Sagoo
  • Simon Smith
  • Deborah Astell
  • Aaron Spall
  • Ekkehard Altenburger
  • Chris Lucra




Deptford X, London’s fastest growing visual arts festival is back for 2002. A packed programme of exhibitions and performances will run from 22 June to 7 July. Last year the festival included Spencer Tunick’s ‘Naked Cityscape’ performance, Alma Tischler Wood’s ‘Silence’ and Chris Marshall’s ‘Deptford Pink’. This year Deptford X will be breaking ground again with events such as ‘Deptford X Open’ at which artists can submit work for exhibition and sale at Lewisham Shopping Centre. Taking art to the other extreme, why not attend ‘An Amnesty for Bad Art’, a call to artists to turn in their tools, which will be held in one of the newly refurbished railway arches opposite Deptford train station.