Deptford X 2007

Deptford X 2007 Festival

2007 Festival Archive:


festival director:

Matthew Couper



  • Mademoiselle Fifi Camp-Belle
  • Charles Hayward
  • Helen Pailing
  • Leanne Bell-Gonczarow
  • Bea Denton



A programme of exhibitions and events transforming objects and spaces. This weekend, Deptford plays host not only to the Design Festival, but also to Deptford X, one of the longest-running contemporary arts programmes in London.

Now in its ninth year, Deptford X presents an exciting array of exhibitions and events, incorporating local and national artists.


With a focus on art in public spaces, a tour of Deptford (run by Mademoiselle Fifi Camp-Belle) will reveal work by six artists (three local and three from Greater London), who have been asked to create work that would transform a space into a public art project.

Look out for Via Dolorosa, a site-specific work based on the stations of the Cross, which uses images from Channel 4’s Big Brother to suggest a new ‘religion’ that worships celebrity; three benches in Deptford that have been turned into relics containing a trace of a time in a not so distant history; an installation piece using elastic cord that acknowledges Deptford’s heritage and modern-day character; an interactive piece inspired by Mark Quinn’s Blood Head; an exhibition of second hand objects originating from street markets on Deptford High Street, which tell stories providing intriguing and intimate glimpses into the histories of their previous owners and Triggered Instinct curated by Wayne Lucas which will transform Deptford Trades Yard into a village fete, with a David Lynch twist.


Local schools Haberdashers Aske’s and Ade & Stanhope have worked with local artists to create new pieces of public art that will be exhibited at Deptford Market and Deptford Railway Station.


Open studios and gallery exhibitions, film and music entries ensure a well rounded programme of events not to be missed.