Deptford X 2003

Deptford X 2003 Festival

2003 Festival Archive:

Festival Director:

Reuben Thurnhill

Core Artists:

  • Steven Pippen
  • Will Self
  • Linda Besemer
  • Andrew Bick
  • Rolf Ravenscroft
  • David Rhose
  • Sherman Sam
  • Sonita Singwi


Fringe Artists:

  • David Aylward
  • Martin McCarthy
  • Wendy Smith
  • Peter Saunders
  • Linda Aloysius
  • Kirsten Lyle
  • Nico Ismay
  • Rosey Prince
  • Uzma Sultan
  • Julia Peck
  • Sally Waterman
  • Peter Anderson
  • Mick Bonfield
  • Fiona Penkowska
  • Steve Lewis
  • Cash Aspeek
  • Gokhan
  • Mia Fernandes
  • Alison Day
  • Anita Mckeown
  • Mary Tambini
  • Sue Westergaard

Summary: – Education Programme

This year CBA Education has delivered a diverse and interesting education programme as part of DEPTFORD X.

The projects have all been directly inspired by exhibitions showing this year, all the artists involved have been chosen for their direct link between their own practice and the education projects.

The Will Self project funded by Lewisham Children’s Fund involved a film maker, a new media artist, a text based artist and a writer. The artists worked in Rangefield school in Downham and produced large scale works and a short film.

Digital Deptford, funded by The Deptford Challenge Trust is a large-scale project working with young people and adults from the Evelyn Estate in Deptford. Two web designers and two new media / film artists will work with the groups to produce a community web site and a film based installation, all exhibited at the Albany as part of The DEPTFORD X Finale.

The Scorpions are a group of children working with the Children’s Society who have been working with two film makers during a residency in Birmingham to produce an innovative film piece.

Queen Elizabeth NHS Trust. Artists have been working with children and adults in Greenwich to create artwork to be sited in the hospital.

Creative Partnerships and Wayne Lucas have been working in partnership in Deptford Park School, the work has been inspired by the artist’s own practice.

Urban Renaissance is a project based in Lewisham town centre. Each Saturday artists will work alongside Lewisham residents to create a rolling exhibition.

Artists working on the projects are:
Wayne Lucas, Roger Searle, Jane Wilbraham, Ekkehard Altenburger, Aron Spall, Martin Bannister, Anja Lubach, Eva Stenram, Richard Frost, Nick Cattermole, Janet Currier and Mike Ansell.