Deptford X 2006

Deptford X Festival 2006

2006 Festival Archive


Festival director:

Matthew Couper


showcase Artists:

  • Karin Ludmann
  • Katie Gilman
  • Raphael Zelfa
  • Yoav Ben-David
  • Rebecca Carnihan
  • Bola Bamgboye
  • Anneke Bosma
  • Bea Denton
  • Shoko Maeda
  • Patrick Semple
  • Hiromi Tsuha
  • Jose Antonio Vazguez
  • Robert Welch


exhibition artists:

  • Seran Tahsin
  • Deptford Arts Network (DAN)
  • Edward Harper
  • David Upstill
  • Alison Day
  • Nye Parry
  • Artmongers
  • Rita Keegan
  • Greg Stobbs
  • Andy Baldwin
  • Ben Kidger
  • Raw Nerve
  • Nathaniel Budzinski
  • Catadrufe
  • Peter Eramian
  • Laura Guske McClardy
  • Phoebe Stirling
  • Tom Webber
  • Montage Theatre Arts
  • Steven Pippin



Deptford X, the acclaimed usual arts festival is back for 2006. Now entering into its eighth year, Deptford X is one of the leading contemporary visual arts festivals in London with a rising international profile.


Deptford X believes in the positive potential of its neighbourhood and the artistic community in it. In order to re-enforce this message Dpetford X 2006 is heralding the return of a large Open Exhibition. Running from the 4th — 19th November, the Open will be selected by the following panel of professional artists and curators.


  • Flávia Müller Medeiros, Artist (Selected for Beck’s Futures 2006, ICA)
  • Danielle Arnaud of Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art
  • Andrew Carmichael, Director of the Creative Lewisham Agency
  • Ben Eastop, Public Art consultant for the Creative Lewisham Agency


One artist from the Open exhibition will receive the MacDonald Egan Award which will include presenting a solo show at Deptford X in 2007 and a catalogue to accompany the exhibition.


For this year’s education programme 3 different artists will work with 3 different schools in order to create work in response to the submissions that were chosen for the Open exhibition. The results will be displayed at the APT Gallery, Creekside from 23rd to 26th November 2006.


Highlights of this year’s main programme include:

  • An exhibition of Sonic Art called ‘Earpieces’ which will blue the boundaries between fine art and music.
  • A photographic exhibition entitled ‘A Spectrum of Social Structure’ by Seran Tahsin which records the changing face of Deptford in the ‘80s and 90s’.
  • The Deptford Arts Network (DAN) will attempt to answer the question ‘Where is Dan?’ by drawing attention to the various studio groups that are listed under DAN. ‘Where is Dan?’ will see members of the public visiting DAN studio groups over the two weekends that make up the Deptford X festival. 
  • Single Shot at Café Crema: Single Shot is a series of specifically commissioned film and video pieces by well-known artists and new talent. The distinguishing feature of the project is that all works are shot in one single take.


Deptford X exists to promote the best new visual art to the widest possible audience.