Open Call – Deptford X Artist Weekender

18 - 20 October 2024

We are delighted to announce a new programme for 2024; the Deptford X Artist Weekender. This is a programme of local artists’ projects selected by open call and taking place in Deptford, between Friday 18 and Sunday 20 October. There is no Deptford X festival this year and the Deptford Artist Weekender is happening in its stead.

We welcome submissions for all kinds of project, including (but not limited to):

Printed media

We are looking for submissions that showcase the variety of artists and practices in Deptford. We will select 6 – 9 projects and will choose the submissions that work best together to create a varied weekend of programming.

The Deptford Artist Weekender will take place at Creekside Discovery Centre and, dependant on the scope of the submissions, potentially a further venue TBD. Unlike the Deptford X Fringe, the onus is not on the artists to source their own venues. However, if your submission was unsuccessful or you just wanted to stage your work in a venue of your choosing to coincide with the Weekender as an informal, unfunded, Fringe, we would be happy to spotlight your project on our comms channels.

Deptford X will fund all accepted submissions for the Deptford X Artist Weekender. We will offer an artist fee and a production budget for each accepted project. The fees are £400 for each project and up to £400 production budget for each project. You are required to submit a production budget up to a maximum of £400 with your submission.

Application Process

In order to apply to take part in the Deptford X Artist Weekender, you will need to submit an application

Please talk to us if you need to submit this in audio or video form or as a recorded conversation with us so we can support you to do so –

The application is in three parts:

1 – An application form in a Word document that asks for:

– The names of the artists in the project
– More information about the work of each of the artists in the project
– A description of your proposed project

2. A project budget

– Download the budget template and complete it for your project ensuring that it is realistic
– Include a minimum figure necessary for your project to go ahead (this is to ensure that each successful project will have the sufficient funding it needs to go ahead)

2 – A Google form that asks for:

– An upload of the completed application form in Word
– An upload of the budget spreadsheet
– Uploads of images to relevant past or current work
– Contact details of each of the artists in the project
– Demographic monitoring data for each of the artists in the project

Application Criteria:

– We reserve the right to decline any project that we deem discriminatory, offensive or contrary to our values.
– We define values as principles of behaviour and/or judgements of what is important.
– Our organisational values are: learning, care, respect, openness and equality.
– Well-conceived and thought-out projects – this is both in terms of concept but also in terms of practical construction and installation process.
– You, or at least one of your collaborators, must either live or have your studio in Deptford
– A clear budget / spending plan

Participation Criteria:

– Participate in any evaluation procedure required by Deptford X. Your final fee will be released once evaluation is complete.
– Delivering the work and project within the dates agreed in the contract you will be supplied with upon acceptance
– Willingness to adapt the work if necessary to suit the space, timetable, and budget available

If you wish to visit Creekside Discovery Centre in advance of your submission, you can attend their free Open Site Summer Celebration event on 26th July. More information here.


Download the application form
Download the project budget template
Submit your application 

Please submit your application by the deadline of 1 September 2024