Deptford X 2023

22 September - 1 October 2023

This 2023 edition of Deptford X festival marked 25 years since Deptford X was established in October 1998 and took a reflective look at the organisation’s history and the relationship of the festival to the changing landscape of Deptford.

In honour of the occasion we produced a programme of 25th anniversary projects including a publication, 25 Years of Deptford X / Uncertain times: A case history of a London art organisation, and an exhibition, Let’s have a festival!, which reflect on the organisation’s  history and look behind the scenes at what it takes to make an annual festival happen.

This year’s free 10 day festival also included a core programme of exciting commissions by 6 artists, with works by Carl Gent and Holly Graham reflecting on the organisation’s 25 year history; an intergenerational parade led by artist Rafał Zajko; and experimental new work by local artists KAZ, Raheel Khan and nyanju, selected as part of our annual Supported programme.

As ever, the festival was a showcase for the incredible diversity and breadth of artistic practice in the area and boasted an extensive and ambitious Fringe programme of local artists’ projects; gallery exhibitions and open studios. The festival made use of existing local infrastructure to host projects, with art to be found in both everyday and unexpected places throughout the area.

Festival Programme

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We would like to thank all of our funders, sponsors and partners for their support with Deptford X Festival 2023:


Festival Commissions

This year we have a core programme of exciting commissions by 6 artists, a 25th anniversary exhibition, events, talks and a new publication.

Festival Fringe

The Fringe is the core of the Deptford X Festival. It’s a celebration of the area’s art scene, bringing together artists, community groups, students, and people new to making artwork.