Deptford X 2013

Deptford X Festival 2013: Lead artist Bob & Roberta Smith introduces the theme 'ART MAKES PEOPLE POWERFUL!'

This year was one of the most difficult for Deptford X since its inception in 1998 due to reduced funding and large cuts in grants for the arts UK-wide. The commitment and perseverance of the trustees, Director, and staff, combined with the unbated enthusiasm of local artists and the power that we draw from being part of the community of Deptford, kept the Festival going.

2013 was a big year for Deptford with the rejuvenation of the high street and artists’ studios redevelopment. Whilst ultimately many of these changes have been positive for Deptford – one of the UK’s officially deprived areas – it reminds us that Deptford X must ensure the artistic community continues to contribute to the vibrancy of the area.

The lead artist for the 2013 Festival, Bob & Roberta Smith, is someone who knows Deptford Well and is an artist who is often in the public eye for his strong views on cuts to the arts. His theme for the 2013 Festival ‘ART MAKES PEOPLE POWERFUL!’ echoes our sentiments entirely and encourages us to celebrate the power of art in public spaces in within Deptford. Smith led the community in creating a large banner, displayed in the heart of Deptford.

Core Projects


Dan Holliday

Bernadette Russell Kindness Project

Group Show, Curated by Harry Pye

Studio Show, Curated by Tom Hemming


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Lewisham Council

Arts Council England

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