Deptford X 2010

Deptford X Festival 2010 included lead artist Mark Titchner, Photography Project by Peter Anderson, and the Deptford X Award.

For the Deptford X Festival 2010, we invited internationally renowned, local artist, Mark Tithcner (nominated for the Turner Prize 2006) as the lead artist. His statement of intent for the festival was “Grand and spectacular, ephemeral or concealed, art qualified and created by daily life.” 

Photograph project Here and Now, by Peter Anderson, at Arch Gallery, comprised of large hand-printed black and white photographs capturing the street style of young people locally. Their urban attitude reflects the iconic early hip hop photographs Anderson made on the streets of New York City in the early 80s.

Deptford X Award

Artists were invited to make a response to Mark Titchner’s statement of intent. The Deptford X Award is supported by the Renewal Group. Renewal’s focus is Surry Canal: London’s sporting village – the regeneration of a 30 acre site in North Lewisham. Selected artists by a panel of judges were July Alvarez, Amanda Francis, Simon Parris, and Mark Titchner.


Artists in Residence

Deptford X commissioned artists to work with groups representing the population of Deptford with the aim of making new work.

Artists in Residence were Anna Pickering; Creekside Artists; Leila Galloway, Sophie Hope and Residents of Crossfields Estate; and Matt Do.