Deptford X 2009

Deptford X Festival 2009: Responding to climate change and economic uncertainty

Deptford’s Historic links to the River Thames, shipbuilding and international trade have a new resonance in today’s issues of climate change and economic uncertainty. For our 2009 Festival, we acknowledge that Deptford is in Flux: it was noticeably affected by outside sources, yet, it’s social vibrancy, distinctive urban environments and it’s wonderful Creek have been enduring elements, and are still!

The theme for 2009 was: Take stock, elaborate, and enthuse.

Highlights of the Festival include Bernadette Russel, Deptford Network of Artists, Deptford Maritime Museum’s presentation of objects that celebrate Deptford’s historical link to Englands’s Maritime history, and Bridget Lycett-Smith. Lewisham Young Offenders exhibition at the Old Police Station, supported by community arts facilitators: Occupy My Time and Youth Animation Media, creating multi-media works exploring the perception of identity.

Festival Director: Matthew Couper