Deptford X 2001

Depford X Festival 2001

2001 – Festival Archive

Festival Director:

Reuben Thurnhill

Core Artists:

  • Spencer Tunick
  • Andrew Einhorn (collaboration With Tunick)
  • Alma Tischler Wood
  • Chris Marshall
  • Ahmed Mustafa
  • Domo Baal
  • Danielle Arnaud


Fringe Artists:

  • Fred Aylward
  • David Aylward
  • Charles Hayward
  • Ashleigh Marsh
  • Anita Klein
  • Laura White
  • Liane Lang
  • Liz Harrison
  • Marianna Wiee
  • Nigel Swift




Deptford, London’s newest contemporary Art festival, will begin on September 22 and will end October 7, igniting Deptford for the 3rd year running. Events this year include internationally celebrated artist Spencer Tunick’s first London performance exclusively for Deptford X.

Alma Tischler Wood declaring silence over Deptford bridge, Bob and Roberta Smith, Chris Marshall’s Deptford Pink, The New Dealers Showcase and many local artist’s as Deptford swings with Neil Furguson’s “Everybody is Arting” project.


Deptford X brings national and international attention to an area with a remarkably large population of artists and am impressive number of galleries, studios and colleges devoted to artistic excellence. Time Out decreed that “Deptford is the new Hoxton for Artists”, a point also championed by The Observer, whilst Sarah Greenberg, of Art Newspaper pointed out that “South London is home to some of the UK’s hottest artistic talents”. The whole area is tied together by art, Italian Vogue proclaimed Deptford to be “the new Monmarte”, and the festival will give each visitor the chance to explore and uncover these hidden links.


Many arts commentators spoke last year about Deptford X and its position in the future off UK contemporary visual arts. Chris Smith, MP supported the festival saying “making the arts more transparent in Deptford is an exciting way to establish a place where creative businesses and organisations can flourish”, and with new public transport links, Deptford X makes a great day out for both the arts cognoscenti as well as those new to contemporary art.


Alongside major new exhibitions in familiar gallery spaces, visitors can expect to find art in the strangest places, taking the most adventurous forms, along with catching the best of the up and coming galleries of London at our New Dealer’s Showcase.


There is something to experience around almost every corner, down the market on a Sunday afternoon, or floating invisibly around the air in Deptford. Visitors are encouraged to be nosey: as artists throw open their studio doors on the weekends, to get their hands dirty: with interactive events on the market, and to have their say: in discussion with artists, or during tours with the organisers. Whether visiting as a casual Saturday shopper or a committed visual arts connoisseur, from 22 September to October 7 Deptford offers an eye opening, chin-scratching, groundbreaking experience. Don’t miss it.