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Sean Worrall



July 9, 2021 - July 18, 2021


Deptford High Street
Deptford High Street

#43ArtDrop, 43 paintings on found recycled material, left hanging out there for people to take

Sean Worrall’s #43ArtDrop is an ever evolving series of works in 43 parts. 43 paintings on found unwanted material picked up off the streets, in this case Deptford. Material picked up, cleaned up, recycled, up-cycled, painted on and then left hanging back out there on the street for people to just take.

Each painting has the #43ArtDrop hashtag on he back with requests that people finding the pieces interact by posting photos of themselves and their finds on social media as well as hopefully telling us where the pieces are going. The #43ArtDrops were well received in 2019 at Deptford X Festival. We missed not doing it in 2020.


Instagram: @seanworrall_01

Twitter: @sean_worrall



Public InstallationPublic RealmWheelchair accessible