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Fritha Jenkins

The Future is a Collective Project


October 6, 2020
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


United Kingdom + Google Map

Is that frozen bath water that you’re ice-breaking?

In this workshop artist Fritha Jenkins will experiment with a neurodivergent approach to creating and workshopping in the digital realm. Participants will enter into a Zoom session mid-flow – bring an apple if you can, and a drink with some ice in it (or a cuppa if you’d prefer) and we’ll see where things take us. Something of a journey; with apples, dancing, rock stilettos, glitter stones, and bath ice en-route, this experiential and performative space aims to allow for conversations and connections between participants to unravel and unfold. Improvisation, spontaneity, movement, comfort, mess, awkwardness, and non-linear storytelling are all welcome in this exploration of how such a space might feel and be.

When participants arrive into the Zoom session things will already be happening and there may be music or sound playing. You can choose whether to have video on or off and can also use the chat box and should feel free to join in and participate in any way you choose, including just being present. If you can, please bring an apple and a drink with ice in it for the purpose of participating in a shared sensory experience. To get the most from the experience everyone will be asked to put Zoom onto gallery view and participants will be asked to remain muted and unmute/remute themselves as necessary. If you would like support with using Zoom please let us know.


Fritha Jenkins is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in London. Collaboration is integral to their practice and they utilise improvisation, intuition, humour, gesture and layering in the making of multisensory work.  Churning up materials, archives, narratives and spaces they undertake messy explorations of alternative ways of experiencing and understanding. Performances and exhibitions include work shown with Frans Hals Museum, ArtHouses, Toynbee Studios, Blenheim Gallery, Chisenhale Dance Space, Modern Art Oxford and Supernormal festival. In 2018/19 they were recipient of the Pete Lloyd Lewis Studio Award.


Instagram: @frithajenkins

Image info: Still from video, ‘Still finding the words’ Commission for ArtHouses INVERTED 2020


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