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Davinia-Ann Robinson

The Future is a Collective Project


United Kingdom


In this workshop, artist Davinia-Ann Robinson invites People of Colour to join in an exploration of her current work and research exploring ways in which bodies of colour are able to enact presencing – feeling connected to their bodies and corporal histories through forming intimate connections to environments. Participants will explore Black, Brown and Indigenous research material that relates to presencing and embodied environmental belonging, as well as contributing their own experiences through writing and discussion.

The artist invites participants to bring a picture or object to the workshop that relates to a time or place in which they felt an ease within their bodies in an outdoor space and connected to other energies aside from their personhood. In addition, participants are asked to bring a handful of soil from a place which holds significance to them, which will act as a tactile prop for discussion during the workshop.

Please note this workshop is for people of colour. 


Davinia-Ann’s art practice explores the politics of colonial emotions and how these are impressed onto Bodies of Colour who reside within colonial spaces. She is interested in the implications of these emotions and the sensations they create in-between the outer and inner layer of one’s skin and the experiences of living within the societal peripheries that these emotions enable as they distort readings and connections to one’s physical and metaphorical body, connections between individual bodies, and connections to one’s environment.

Davinia-Ann is currently completing her MFA Sculpture at Slade School of Fine Art and is a recipient of the Felix Slade Scholarship.

She has exhibited at the ICA, South London Gallery and was a supported artist at Deptford X Festival 2019. Her installation Earth Body. is currently in the exhibition “Freedom Is Outside The Skin ” at the Kunsthal 44Møen in Denmark and her sculpture Bod(y)ies That Weather is currently showing at Bold Tendencies. Davinia-Ann is also the founding member of Narration Group, an art collective of Women and Non-Binary people of colour, who collaborate on curatorial projects, focusing on understanding and unpicking the forms of discrimination which people of colour encounter, and ways to engage collectively and critically with these experiences.


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