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Tyreis Holder

The Future is a Collective Project


Deptford X Online
London, London SE8 4HL United Kingdom
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"Poetry is not a luxury" - Audre Lorde

In this session of The Future is a Collective Project, artist and poet Tyreis Holder will lead an exploration into the ways in which poetry/writing can function as an integral part of an art practice and how it can be used to overcome self-blocks. She will facilitate a conversation around the healing that takes place within writing that also translates materially- particularly pertaining to mental wellbeing and identity. Within the workshop, Holder will delve into some of the history of how colonialism has shaped the emotional processing of black people, and lead a discussion as to how poetry translates through voice, text and materially through our work.

Tyreis Holder was born in 1999, London. She is an Artist, Poet and Visual Storyteller of Jamaican/St Vincent descent, raised in South London.

Her practise centres around explorations of self and identity, the relationship with the mind, particularly within regards to navigating colonial spaces. Bringing lived experiences into her practice, she aims to generate conversations around how social and intimate spaces are shaped through race, diffability, community, class, sexuality and culture.


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