Festival Map

Use our google maps overlay to carry the festival map with you on your phone!

Our google map overlay is simple to use, just open this page on your mobile phone – ensure that Google Maps app is installed on your phone -click on this link and it will open up our google maps trail.

When your google maps opens, it will become populated with red X’s. If you click on the red X icons, this should open up the project details, give you a summary of the project and times that it is available.

We have also listed the projects that have since been cancelled or changed since our paper map went to print, in case you are using both in tandem.

If you spot any errors please do let us know: admin@deptfordx.org

If you prefer to speak to someone about getting around the festival, head to our Festival hub – the Sahra Hersi Deptford X pop-up where we will be happy to guide you round the festival or look out for volunteers wearing Deptford X T-shirts who will be happy to help you.

Download the map on to your phone here. 

You can also download a PDF copy of our Programme & Map from the button below.

Walking Tour

If you need some help navigating the festival - why not join one of our tours?