Artists on the Phone

Deptford X is pleased to offer paid opportunities for 6 artists to develop 1:1 participatory art projects through Voluntary Services Lewisham’s (VSL) Telephone Befriending Scheme. 

Artists will be paired with a service user living in the Lewisham area who has been identified, or identified themselves, as an isolated, lonely or vulnerable person. Through a series of telephone conversations, the artist will work with the service user to imaginatively explore a creative idea or develop a creative project. 

The outcomes of each artist’s and participant pairing’s 1:1 project will be presented during the next Deptford X festival. Each artist is awarded with £400 for this month-long project. 

Deptford X are pleased to announce our selected artists are:

Anne Grimwade- Tracing Isolation

Jaime Greenly- Contemporary Textile Samplers

Lydia Julien- Circulation

Yasmin Ali – Poetry and Conversation in Isolation

Lucie MacGregor- Sitting on the fence

Lily Ash Sakula- The New Normal


With thank to: