Lily Ash Sakula & Arthur Glover

03 July 2020

The New Normal

I am an artist, animator and educator, based in Deptford. I make collaborative animated films that seek to link different generations and communities; creating spaces in which I take my lead from participants’ ideas and processes. I am interested in capturing joy and freedom through movement, creating magical spaces in which social norms can be broken, and seek through my work to be an active practitioner of radical hope. I want to create imaginative space for a world without borders, without prisons, without gender. For me, stories are essential to creating better futures, because they let us imagine new futures – and we can only create what we can imagine. Animation, with its constantly morphing, unlimited possibilities of representation, is for me the perfect medium to capture our shifting ideas about how to live in and with the world.


Instagram: @lashesofsakula



Project Update


Arthur and Lily’s final piece together is a video Lily produced bringing together his drawings and recordings, and Lily’s doodles.


Today we were talking about living in this strange new normal and Arthur told me one of the main things that brings him joy is Elvis – I asked him what his favorite song was and he started singing it.



Lily’s Elvis


Arthurs’s Elvis

Arthur’s Self Portrait

How many types of normal have you lived through in your life? How quickly does a new normal become a normal normal and then an old normal?

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