Jaime Greenly & Joy Fisher

03 July 2020

Contemporary Textile Samplers

I am a trained textile designer with a Masters Degree focusing on sustainable textiles from Chelsea College of Art. I have been co-running Make Mee Studio in Lewisham for the past 3 years, we teach sewing and creative classes to children and adults from our back garden studio and within our local community. Our ethos is for sewing to be accessible, inclusive, as well as environmentally and socially beneficial. In total I have almost 10 years of experience teaching sewing and craft classes with various organisations, including delivering classes for vulnerable adults and children.


Instagram: @makemeestudio

Website: www.makemeestudio.co.uk


Joy Fisher 

Joy lives in Sydenham and used to be a scientific glass blower.  Joy enjoys knitting, gardening and DIY, in her spare time she also shops for and delivers home grown veg to her neighbours and has already started to buy in extra tins which she’ll bring to VSL for the Christmas hampers as she does every year. Joy has volunteered for mental health drop ins for 32 years.



Before I’ve even finished saying hello Joy is off telling me about all the things she’s done that day, (and it’s always a lot) this 80 year old has more energy and a busier social calendar than many a quarter of her age! The idea was to start with the same materials and each create a modern day tapestry, inspired by the historical tradition of women stitching to show off their skills and what they are often relished as today – a document of daily domestic life. My tapestry is growing from listening to what Joy has been adding to her own as well as documenting snippets of our conversations -what we’ve been doing, eating, laughing about – building up a picture of common threads that run through our daily lives.


Jamie is wearing a green shirt dress and she is sat on the grass with a circular embroidery frame, she has her head bent down looking over her sewing, she long blond hair framing her face and thick fringe covering her eyes.

A close of of Jamie's sewing, you can see carrots, green leaves, some leopard print fabric that has been stitched in place.


Sewing and craft can be a particularly mindful activity, the slow nature of stitching can have a positive effect on mental wellbeing, something I have seen first hand, especially when working with vulnerable service users at the homeless charities.

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