Carnival reimagined #4

15 August 2020

Deptford X Residency update

Another fun filled day of giggles & preparation in Deptford Market 🤣 – This time with my carnival street art buddy @azarraamoy 💪🏾🔥❤️ (she’s the cool artist who did the pop up posters with me last year at Notting Hill Carnival for the temp loos ☺️- people loved our posters so much that nearly all got taken home as souvenirs 😂)

Here we are having a giggle at @discworlduk run by Dexter & Lewis in Deptford Yard Market. No doubt, if carnival was taking place on the streets, DJs would have been picking up the vinyl special dub plates / editions from them to play at their sound systems. If you’re listening to the clip without bass it really doesn’t do the tune justice, it would have been amplified by huge speaker stacks to appreciative crowds, that being said, a pair of headphones 🎧 can also bring a different type of enjoyable vibe 🤗

Looking forward to sharing with some of the artwork I’m currently working on whilst listening to tunes with a serious b-line from Lewis’s selection of top ten tracks 🔊🔊🔊🔥🔥🔥


Carnival Reimagined


Lewis and Dexta from Disc World – Deptford Market 

“These tunes are certified bangers, stuff that would guarantee to get played on many sound systems (if Carnival was happening this year)! A selection of Dub infused Jungle / Garage and Soundsystem Techno!” – Lewis Disc World 

Disc world Top 10 — Notting Hill Carnival 2020 Selection

Mall Grab – ‘Smash’

Headland – ‘Grits’

Jaheim – ‘Put That Woman First’ [Calibre Remix]

Danny Scrilla – ‘World Below’

Tower Block Dreams – ‘Phone Line Crew’

Jhelisa – ‘Friendly Pressure’ Midnight Remix

3rd Party ’Screwface’

Al Wootton – ‘A Clean Heart’

Special Request – ‘Spectral Frequency’

Visages – ‘About You’

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