A stall table filled with items, a board game, playing cards, a stuffed toy, crumpled papers and the main item your eye is drawn to is a magazine that has a dressed in full carnival costume, green and gold bra, headdress, jewellery and large plume of feathers. The front of the magazine reads, 501 must-be-there-events.

Carnival reimagined #11

29 August 2020

Deptford X Residency update

This post is a week behind due to @nhcarnivalldn
Had so much fun with my Carni Crew in Deptford Market 💛❤️💜 on our install day.

Swipe to see the books we happened to come across (One had a photo of Brazil carnival on the cover 🤗 – I nearly brought it, then remembered I already had it in my book collection 😂, and as for the one @safalalaala found 😩😭 – nah, don’t watch that book cover, we love life and had the best day 😃)

Can’t thank these wonderful arty buddies enough for helping me hold it all together, whilst installing I was also non-stop taking @nhcarnivalldn related calls, doing an radio interview, dealing with arrangements for the digital carnival after party I was organising the next day at @somersethouse 🤪 I’ll post some of the beautiful work we created which is now on display in the gallery shop window (Deptford X, 9 Brookmill Road, London, SE8 4HL) Also, looking forward to sharing @azarraamoy stunning poster designs and link to @threadsradio interview which @pastakebab produced.

Deptford Market is lit 🔥 and Ali is definitely THE man to ask for if you’re looking for something. Just don’t ask him how much, as he’ll say “I don’t mind, help to take this rubbish off me” 🤣🤣🤣


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