Carnival reimagined #3

15 August 2020

Deptford X Residency update

First class customer service at the Shaka Laka hair store from it’s proprietor Ali & hair stylist Stacey, who has never been to Notting Hill carnival. Swipe to see her awesome hair colouring and head wrapping skills.

Again with my art buddy & perfect shopping friend @azarraamoy 💗

Many moons ago I made a documentary about black women’s hair. It still continues to be a big topic, for a range of reasons, and big business too. Even though carnival won’t be on the streets this year, one essential ritual would be your head attire or hair style. Part of the build up would be the hair salon or barber shop pre-carnival banter, showing photos on phone with dream haircuts, colours or as in my case, having to listen to my barber shouting about “we got this season sorted, we did / didn’t do well with the ball, next season we’ll…” blah, blah, blah, 😩- ⚽️Anyone who knows about the obsession with English football league / teams can relate… Still so grateful to be getting my haircut again during these covid19 times. Another important part in so many people’s life is being together physically with others in salons & barber shops which play a massive role in our wellbeing.

So happy to see customers again in the various salons in Deptford market, such as fab @tuttiifruittiilondon 🌈

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A stall table filled with items, a board game, playing cards, a stuffed toy, crumpled papers and the main item your eye is drawn to is a magazine that has a dressed in full carnival costume, green and gold bra, headdress, jewellery and large plume of feathers. The front of the magazine reads, 501 must-be-there-events.

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This post is a week behind due to @nhcarnivalldn Had so much fun with my Carni Crew in Deptford Market…

Birdseye view of two canvasses - each one is an abstract painting of swirling colours of yellow, orange, reds.

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