Carnival reimagined #2

08 August 2020

Deptford X Residency update

The weather was super hot (unusual for the U.K.) and I had the best day doing research for my @deptfordx residency in three of Deptford Markets. I’m taking the concept of how an annual event like Notting Hill Carnival brings people together during trying times. Today I reflected on the importance of weekly gatherings in markets which also play a crucial role to our wellbeing, and how in these times of Covid, we have adapted to being together again.

Massive thanks to Sarah & everyone I spoke with today. Deptford has a beautiful friendly vibe and I can’t wait to share more. For now, here are some photos I took today from each of Deptford’s three markets I hung out in, and yes, of course picked up some Caribbean food supplies (plantains, green banana, scotch bonnet, etc. 🤗)

Anyone not from London reading this post, Deptford Market is as traditional as they London markets come. Understandably, not as many stalls and people as usual, but the community spirit in all its different forms was there.

📸 No.1 – Deptford High Street Market:
*The market on Deptford High Street sells a wide variety of goods including fresh fish, fruit and vegetables, multi-cultural food, haberdashery, clothing, shoes and fashion items, fabric, curtains and household items.
Visitors can also pick up bargains or enjoy lunch at a number of shops and cafe’s on Deptford High Street.

📸 No.2 – Douglas Way:
*Douglas Way market is world famous for its bric-a-brac selection of new and second-hand goods.
Hidden treasures have been known to be found from vintage record players to antique silverware.
📸 No.3 – Deptford Market Yard – in the regeneration commercial hub.

*Deptford market started as far back as 1872, originally as a market for foreign cattle and sheep which were sold mostly to Smithfield meat market. The cattle market closed in 1913 and the market traders were moved into Douglas Way in 1921 to ease traffic congestion.
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