Carnival reimagined #13

29 August 2020

Deptford X Residency update

Carnival Reimagined Threads Radio Special – 29 August 2020

Amelia from the Lin Kam Carni Crew curated and produced the Carnival Reimagined radio show. The programme consisted of a sound of music in 201920 feature by Threads Radio presenter and DJ Edward George, a carnival special DJ set by Dani Hendrix of Aaja Radio and Edward interviewing Linett live from the Deptford X gallery space.

The radio show on what would have been the first day of the Notting Hill Carnival if it were taking place on the streets, re-imagined as an aspect of the event through an alternative virtual space. It also brought together in a digital space the areas of Deptford and Tottenham where each of the radio stations are based.

Instagram post:
Carnival Reimagined Update 12.09.2020 @linett_kamala

Thanks to the brilliant team at @threadsradio & @aajadeptford including Lee, Freddie, Owen, Sam, Edward George & also @dani_hendrix_ldn for being part of my Carnival Reimagined project.

The programme is in three parts and can now be listened to on @mixcloud

Produced by Amelia @pastakebab – on 29.08.2020 Tottenham, North London & Deptford, SE London were connected for a special show which included a Covid1920 lockdown commentary by Edward George, exclusive DJ set by @dani_hendrix_ldn and interview with me talking about the Notting Hill Carnival and my @deptfordx Carnival Reimagined project (listen by going to link in bio).


Copy from Mixcloud: As part of our 2020 Carnival-focused programming with Carnival reimagined, on a weekend that we’d love to be in Notting Hill for, we were honoured to be joined by Artist and Carnivalist Linett Kamala.

Kamala runs one of Carnival’s most established sound systems, Disya Jeneration, and also serves as a Board Director for Notting Hill Carnival.

Our show host Edward George had a wonderful discussion with her, covering her history, passions and drive to keep the Carnival spirit alive!

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