EVENTS 2021 Archive

Adrian Lee



July 9, 2021 - July 18, 2021


71 Deptford High Street SE8 4AA + Google Map

NATIONWIDE SERVICE repurposes shop window glazing service stickers as a marketing tool for the artist.

NATIONWIDE SERVICE is an installation artwork that takes as it start-point the small glazing service stickers that are placed, without permission, in the corners of shop windows. Due to their official-looking design and discrete placement they can remain in situ for years, with more and more added until there are clusters of 10 or more.

This work repurposes the distinct design style as a marketing device for the artist, adding his own stickers to the existing ones in greater quantities over successive windows up to a vastly oversized one-off central version makes overt the subtle, covert marketing that people walk past every day.

DAGE, 71 Deptford high street London SE8 4AA

DAGE is open from 7am – 3pm

Instagram: @inquino

Public InstallationWheelchair accessible