EVENTS Fringe 2023

Shuyi Gao

Time and Water


September 22, 2023
8:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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Shuyi Gao


Creekside Discovery Centre
Creekside Discovery Centre, 14 Creekside
London, SE8 4SA United Kingdom
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Performance | Diaspora

Time and Water is a 28-minute performance art that delves into the intricate relationship between time and human experience. During this performance, the artist will engage with water and glass jars, dynamically transforming her body into a vessel of time itself, endeavoring to capture the very essence of its passage. As the performance unfolds, the audience will be encouraged to feel the metamorphosis of a person’s body as it assumes the role of a temporal vessel. This vessel becomes a conduit, allowing memories of countless past and future moments to interweave with the present reality and the very essence of the performance itself.

Instagram – @tender_228

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Thanks to the photographer Cao Kuan (First version performance photographer.)

Thanks to the sonic artist Jessica Beechey (yiskah.sounds) for the artist photo.

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