EVENTS Fringe 2023

Alice McCabe and Amy Cutler

Meshwork for Creek Trail


September 30, 2023
8:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Creekside Discovery Centre
Creekside Discovery Centre, 14 Creekside
London, SE8 4SA United Kingdom
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Light | Screening | Environmental

Amy Cutler and Alice McCabe present Meshworks as part of Deptford X, projecting this Saturday evening from 8-8.30pm at the Creekside Discovery Centre.

Visit our portable experimental cinema – a performative after dark event, with torchlight, live projecting ecologies back at site of origin. Expect experimental forms of floral arrangement using creek plants and natural and manmade detritus through water gathered on site. We will create an altar to findings in the creek and explore these items in relationship to rubbish, e.g supermarket trolley ecosytems, which provide vital structure often for mudbanks and smaller shoals of fish.

A bankside floral hanging will be loosely inspired by the embanking of the creek over the last centuries and will be made from plants which are connected to the area, including hops (which would have been transported in abundance from Kent to breweries), willow, buddleja, and Michaelmas daisy (which is celebrated the day prior to our performance with Feast of Archangel Michael and all the Angels). Bespoke projection surfaces will be inspired by plankton mesh and specimen inspection nets.

Instagram – @popsymag

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