EVENTS Fringe 2023

Samuel Jegede



September 22, 2023
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Samuel Jegede

Supported by Heart n Soul - Feel Good Designers

111 drawings of Heart n Soul artist Samuel Jegede’s friends, from college, the studio, films and TV will be projected onto Deptford High Street.

Samuel Jegede is a visual artist. He has been developing his artwork at the Feel Good Designers as well as at the IntoArt studios in Peckham, college and at home. Samuel draws fast illustrations of friends and people whonare a part of his life. He also focuses on the history of iPads and Apple technology, the days of the week and his nut allergy. Samuel has shown his work at Tate, Wellcome Collection and is  also featured on the Google Arts & Culture website

He has been working on creating a series of A3 portraits, of friends, family  and characters from film and TV that he loves. He has created 150+ so far  and is still continuing to make them.