EVENTS Fringe 2023

Sam Kerridge

Deptford Spirestar


September 22, 2023 - October 1, 2023


Deptford Does Art
28 Deptford High Street
London, SE8 4AF
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Painting | Exhibition | Architecture

Sam Kerridge is a South London based illustrator, streetartist and printmaker. His piece with Deptford Does Art draws on the familiar Deptford surroundings, working architectural detail into the fabric of the piece. Sam began by deconstructing the fundamentals of the local architecture then reassembling them to create a kaleidoscopic, geometric image.

This piece places the designs, alongside the architecture that inspired it, and invites the viewer to experience the area in a new way.

Sam’s work aims to challenge our perceptions of space and utilizes kaliedoscpic visions that trick the eye. His geometric structures are inspired by patterns formed in crystal rock formations, to invoke the ever changing urban environment and how they imprint on our memories.

Instagram @samtkerridge

Thank you to Zuzanna & Dan at Deptford Does Art.

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