Deptford X Supported is on-hold until further notice.

As Deptford X Festival 2020 is postponed to spring/summer 2021 due to Covid-19, there will be a second round of applications for Supported opening in late summer 2020. (tbc)

Applicants from both rounds will be judged together at the end of the year and selected artists from both rounds will be exhibited in the later festival.

Applicants from round 1 will be able to re-submit a new application in round 2 or edit an already submitted application for round 1 at any time until the round 2 deadline date.

Note: You can only apply with ONE project. Any new application/new project will cancel the former proposal submitted. 

In the meantime, Deptford X has received funding for an interim programme; Support Network.


Launched in 2019, Supported is intended to widen access to participation in the festival by providing funding, production and curatorial support to successful applicants. We are committed to the aim of celebrating and promoting the creativity in our area and with 49.3% of Lewisham’s population constituting POC groups, this opportunity is aimed primarily at POC artists and curators based in the London borough of Lewisham. Applications from people based outside of our local borough will also be considered, provided they can demonstrate how their work will resonate with our geographical context.

Contributions are welcome from artists or curators of all levels. We are looking for exhibitions, films, performances, happenings, workshops, interventions into the local landscape, and any other kind of arts project that will contribute to 2020’s 10 day Deptford X festival.

All Supported applications will be reviewed by a guest selection panel who will consider the concept, quality and cost of each project before selecting the finalists. Funding will then be allocated between each successful project.

We are delighted to announce that this year’s guest panel are:

Evan Ifekoya
Michelle Williams Gamaker
Tyreis Holder
Harold Offeh

Read the guidelines on how to apply

If you require an offline means to apply or you need assistance with the application form please contact us on: 2028 694 8842 or during the Covid-19 outbreak, you may contact us on: 0777 9419460. If you would like us to call you back, please send us a message and we can get back to you.



"Being part of the Supported programme has changed my future. It allowed me to envision my future as an artist" - George Boros, 2019 Supported artist