01 September 2020

September Residency: Free The Mandem

 I’m a South East Londoner and multidisciplinary artist, went to do a STEM major, didn’t see it working for my soul in the slightest, dedicated my life to creating art and Black liberation, despite the financial setbacks. Profit is killing my people. Shout out to the Fxrum and DTA. Please support our fundraiser to connect Black Britain with Ghana. (Follow @kayodeine on Insta, sometimes I’m funny)


Instagram: @kayodeine

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Project Summary

Creating a podcast that diarises the stories of  Queer Black Men; I would like to develop a piece of work that diarises stories such as these, in an audio interview format. Prior to the lockdown, my work at DTA facilitated my meeting a lot of people like myself and that highlighted to me, that these topics were resonant within my community but were met with suffocation and repression. Although Lewisham is diverse in its representation of different cultures within the borough, you will find that whilst this works well as an optic picture, the underlying issues of racial unrest, inaccessibility to a range of opportunities, poor housing, low income gaining alongside a lack of ‘variety’ of ongoing spaces to locate these kind of voices continues to exacerbate the problem of mental health of young persons like me and close doors with our elders who have valuable stories to share.

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Green monster men as queer sex icons

I’ve never seen such lovely big courgettes   https://deptfordx.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/09-jhill-week2-.mp4 https://deptfordx.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/10-jhill-week2.mp4

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Kayodeine callout

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