Kneed: Ishwari Bhalerao & Leonie Rousham

01 August 2020

October Residency: Collective Sustenance

Ishwari and Leonie are a collaborative duo. They run a resource called Kneed, through which they are learning how to work collectively, sustainably and with accountability as cultural workers; resisting cultures of individualism and exhaustion under neoliberalism.

Their artistic practice looks at the historical and political resonance of landscapes, sites and languages. Through walking, they explore the violence held within British sites, culminating in text, moving-image, darkroom processes and installation.



Instagram: @_kneed_@ish.wari@leo.rousham

WFH Residency with Artsquest

Project Summary

‘We are simply ‘living collaboratively’, Fred Molten and Wu Tsang say.  In this residency, we would like to use walking as a way to help us work out how we can be together again. Having worked together for so long but always in the same place, we want to work out how to continue to make and live-collaboratively even when faced with a change of circumstances and increasing distances. How can we continue to stand side-by-side when we are potentially forced to be in different spaces? How can we be together again, in a new way?

Through a series of walks, we will pull between two relationships that we are trying to work out as the world attempts to move out of lockdown. Working through:

1)  our relationship with each other being forced into a new direction; for the last two years we have been able to share the space we make in, but due to Covid-19 and graduating, this may no longer be a possibility.
2) Kneed’s relationship to the future post-covid world we want to see.  Working out how we can exist within ‘a mode of thinking that does not capitulate to the realism of the present’ – Jackie Wang, Carceral Capitalism.

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