Apply for the Fringe

This year it is our intention to bring art and creativity out into the open to create joy and healing in our communities in the wake of the pandemic.

Deptford X Fringe celebrates and promotes the area’s art scene. It is an opportunity for artists to show their work to a wider public and participate in an established event. The Fringe is primarily aimed at artists who are active in our local borough of Lewisham. Contributions are welcome from visual artists of any and every kind: amateurs or professionals, trained or untrained, emerging or established.

Placing art in unexpected places and everyday situations is central to the work of Deptford X. In the past festival artists have presented their work in shop windows, libraries, roundabouts, public walls and squares, railway arches, pubs, cafes, churches, community centres, railway stations, rooftops, bin lorries, billboards, restaurants, cinemas, cellars… the list is almost endless. This year however, we encourage you to be creative and focus your efforts on outdoor spaces/places or venues where your work can be experienced from outside.

We particularly welcome participation by artists from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, and by artists with disabilities. These groups have historically been under-represented in the Fringe.

We encourage anyone with an idea for the Fringe to attend a Fringe Social in advance of submitting your listing, we will begin hosting Fringe Socials in late March, for news on when these are happening sign up to our newsletter.

Although Deptford X Fringe is open to all, submissions must meet the following criteria or they will not be accepted. You must also read through the Fringe Guidelines before submitting your application. A large text Word version that is compatible with screen readers is also available below.

For studios/galleries who are keen to participate and need guidance on how to navigate this year’s outdoor event, please read through the guidelines (page 12).


Fringe project specifications:

  • Well-conceived and thought-out projects – this is both in terms of concept but also in terms of practical construction and installation process.
  • Submission of a Risk Assessment form.
  • Projects that are rooted in the fabric of our neighbourhoods and the people who live and work within them.
  • Creative/innovative use of spaces and places in Deptford in order to ensure that the outdoor art trail can be enjoyed regardless of any possible Covid-19 restrictions. For example: use of parks and verges, walls, railings, sides of buildings, market stalls, shop windows, front gardens, porches, windows, driveways, balconies, walls of houses and flats.
  • Applications that can provide a clear sense of how the work allows for public interaction and/or can explain the intended impact for audiences.


  • All sites must be outdoors, or visible from outdoors – located in an area that is safe for pedestrians to access
  • All sites, spaces and venues must be either within 1km of Deptford’s main train station or located within SE8/SE14 postcode areas that are reasonable walking distance from Deptford train station.
  • All application submissions must include commitment to provide feedback, visitor numbers and, where possible, audience feedback.
  • We reserve the right to decline any project that we deem discriminatory, offensive or contrary to our values. Our organisational values are: art, learning, care, respect, openness and equality.

Review Process

Applications for this year’s printed map inclusion has now closed. However we are still accepting projects into the festival for our digital map (via google maps) and inclusion in our outdoor signage plan and social media / online marketing promotion.

The Deptford X team will check your application against the specifications and criteria above. If your project is compliant with these, then it will be accepted into the Fringe. If your application does not meet these requirements, we will either ask you to submit an adjustment, in order to meet the requirements above by a specified date, OR if you are unable to make adjustments to meet the criteria to be Covid-19 proof, we will ask that you defer your project to the following year.

Deadline: *8th July 2021

*There may be a possibility that we can add projects as we enter the festival phrase but please be aware our signage is limited and we may have a very busy and occupied team who might not be able to publish a very very last minute project – but we will try our best! 


Fringe Bursaries 

Deptford X are delighted to announce that Leon Clowes and Karen McBride are this year’s recipients of a Fringe Bursary.  Leon’s work Nan Kids is a series of short sound installations made from life stories of people brought up by their grandmothers. Karen’s work is an interactive artwork exploring positive and negative thoughts through affirmations, Hi-Vis and photography.

More details on their projects will be coming soon!


Application materials:

Deptford X Fringe Application form 2021_Digital (No printed map)

Fringe Guidelines  (PDF in English)

Fringe Artist Guidelines 2021_Large Text (MS Word Document)

Fringe Bursary Application form (Online Google Form) – NOW CLOSED

Please ask us about what we can do to meet your access needs for signing up and participating. We will accept video/audio submissions – please let us know if you would like to apply in this way and we can let you know via a phone call how to do this. 


Drop us an email with a contact telephone number so that we can get back to you and talk through options:



With thanks to:

Nicholas Davis for his design work on the Guideline documents, check out more of this work via his instagram: @salohcindavis

“The Fringe allowed me to make a completely new work, unlike any of my previous work, and display this work in an interesting context” - Fringe Artist, 2019