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Shahina Jaffer, Shyaam Caine & Jalal Awan

Art on the mind - A visual Journey


October 27, 2019
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Trinity Laban
Creekside, London, SE8 3DZ SE8 3DZ + Google Map

An afternoon packed with live music and artistry. The event is part of the Deptford X Festival.

3 artists will be showcasing their work as well as getting the audience to join them on an artistic voyage of creativity and discovery.
– They will be talking about different themes and topics related to creativity, mainly art and how art influences us a human species on many different levels.
– Live music will be played throughout the event by Shyaam.
– There will be a chance for audience members to use their own creativity, interact with the artists and explore how perception influences the art of observation. .

We encourage you to come with an open-mind and remember that, as Joseph Beuys said, “everyone is an artist” so specialist skills are not required!

We look forward to seeing you at the Leban Building on Sunday 27th October 2019 at 12;00

Warmest regards,
Shahina Jalal & Shyaam

About us!

Shahina Jaffer

Shahina has been art curious since a very young age, fluidly painting and sewing by the age of three, and she still paint with both hands. She is a St Martin’s graduate, her work is based on the practical exploration of perception. Her image making is centred on the encounter: the crucial moment between the artist and the observer

Shyaam Caine

Shyaam paints using many different techniques preferring to use acrylics over oil paint, and adopting an illustrative black line style as well as using many styles in his work styles that range from Abstraction or Surrealism to Cubism and even Hieroglyphics . He uses Tribal themes and influences from Africa at different stages throughout history in his work.

Jalal Awan

Jalal graduated from Royal Academy of Art Hague and Baghdad, he is an established sculptor and has exhibited globally. His work examines concepts of humanism and in particular identity and the concept of the hypothetical human.

ART ON THE MIND TALK AND ART EXHIBITION is a part of Deptford X A ten-day festival of contemporary art focused on new work by emerging artists. 25th October – 3rd November 2019