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Christopher Kirubi

Support Structures


Deptford X
Unit A, 9 Brookmill Road SE8 4HL

This session will provide an open space to discuss the role of collectives, working groups and friendship as essential support structures in our lives as artists. How do they allow us to create and strengthen worlds in which our lives and work can be seen, witnessed and held? How do they allow us to move through institutions and navigate the power dynamics that might not have our best interests at heart, or have the capacity to see our work in its full complexity and richness beyond gestures of tokenisation.

Christopher will speak from personal experience about different groups that they have either been a part of, or have been connected to through friendships.


Christopher Kirubi is a London-based poet and artist who uses the mutability and promiscuity of images, objects and text to negotiate the limits of sexuality, gender, race and desire. 



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