Community Art Trail

Join our Art Trail for Deptford X Festival, 9 - 18 July 2021! Register your project by 24th May.

Deptford X began in 1998 as an artist-run festival that used the spaces and places around Deptford to exhibit art works, stage performances, events and interventions,  it has always been at the core of our work to champion artistic freedom and experimentation. We believe passionately in placing art and creativity at the heart of a society, and this year we are so excited to see the residents of Deptford and New Cross unleash their creative juices!

This opportunity is also open to children and young adults, as well as absolutely anyone who wishes to have their work displayed and included in this year’s art trail, which will cover SE8 and SE14 postcode areas.

We particularly welcome participation across age ranges; by Black and People of Colour; and by people with disabilities.

How do I take part?

Just register your project idea via the google forms below.

Anything else I should know?

  • Artists under the age of 16 must seek permission from parent/guardians and have this person complete their registration form on their behalf.
  • All sites, spaces and venues must be either within 1km of Deptford’s main train station or located within SE8/SE14 postcode areas that are reasonable walking distance from Deptford train station.
  • You must have permission from the property owner to display your work
  • We reserve the right to decline any listing that we deem discriminatory, offensive or contrary to our values. Our organisational values are: art, learning, care, respect, openness and equality


Do I have to be an artist to take part?

No! Not at all, you are welcome to register any type of project/artwork that you wish – if you have a read through our Community Guidelines below, you can take a look at some examples and ideas on the types of things you can do.

Deadline: 24th May 2021


Registration materials:

Online Registration form – NOW CLOSED

Community Guidelines

Community Trail Guidelines 2021 Large Text Format

Please ask us about what we can do to meet your access needs for signing up and participating. We will accept video/audio submission – please let us know if you would like to apply in this way and we can let you know via a phone call how to do this.


Drop us an email with a contact telephone number so that we can get back to you and talk through options:


With thanks to:

Nicholas Davis for his design work on the Guideline documents, check out more of this work via his instagram: @salohcindavis