Ask the Artist

This year we have partnered with In The Room to host digital Q&A's with some of the artists in the Curated Programme.

This is your opportunity to ask three of this year’s featured artists questions about their work.  Simply click on the artist you would like to talk to and start the conversation.

Following a brief introduction by them, you will be able to ask questions by pressing and holding the button and using your voice. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know what to ask, there are suggested questions after each answer to keep the conversation flowing. 

Go ahead and click on the image of the artists you want to speak to! 



Ghost & John, Radio Neighbourhood


Bryan Giuseppi Rodriguez, Dancing with my Future to Salserin, Supported by Lendlease


Harold Offeh, Urbane Dance Marathon




With special thanks In The Room for providing us with this exciting opportunity and to the artists for giving their time to answer these questions for us.

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