Tyreis Holder

04 March 2020

Deptford X Supported: Now OPEN for applications. Deadline: 19th April 2020

Tyreis Holder is an artist/poet of Jamaican/St Vincent decent, born and raised in South London. She previously studied Visual arts and Design at The BRIT School, and is currently studying BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths University. Holder was one of the inaugural Supported artists with Deptford X in 2019.

Holder’s work centres around self – the relationship to the mind and the body. Through an extension of lived experiences, she generates conversations through gender, class, disability, sexuality and culture exploring how these dynamics shape social and intimate spaces; through the exploration of navigating white spaces.

“It’s increasingly present within the art industry, the underwhelming representation of artists who fall into the BAME category. Within that, the amount of black women in positions of power to orchestrate decisions is far fewer. I would like to be a panellist to give the opportunity to introduce the fresh perspective of a young black woman, dialling into knowledge of themes such as the politics surrounding culture within younger people, race, identity, class and disability.”

Instagram: @_tyries_

Tyreis Holder, Idk, I’m calling this ‘Midnight Hues’ or suttin like dat, Deptford X, 2019, Photo: Tim Bowditch

Being part of Deptford X Supported last year was a really good point in my development as an artist. Without the opportunity and the money I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in at the moment. It gave me freedom to explore and execute my ideas and the opportunities and confidence to try new things.