Tyreis Holder

27 November 2019

'Idk, I’m calling this ‘Midnight Hues’ or suttin like dat', 2019

Tyreis Holder’s work centres around explorations of the self and the relationship between the mind and the body, particularly with regards to navigating white spaces. Bringing her lived experiences into her practice, she aims to generate conversations about how social and intimate spaces are shaped through disability, sexuality and culture. Idk, I’m calling this ‘Midnight Hues’ or suttin like dat is a multimedia installation with daily performances.


Who said Midnight blues could leave you bound by zip lies?
Who said Midnight hues paint you shirts which are button shy?
I question if I mention
How I wrestle with muted flies
You’ll bind me to the label that I done lost my damn mind.


Idk, I’m calling this ‘Midnight Hues’ or suttin like dat is a Deptford X commission.

Tyreis Holder is an artist/poet of Jamaican/St Vincent decent, born and raised in South London and currently studying BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths University.




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