Tiz Creel

27 November 2019

'The Deptford Quest', 2019 & 'Space for autonomous for imagination', 2019

Tiz Creel’s work is focussed on designing opportunities for people to play and explore in order to encourage new and positive social interactions. For Deptford X 2019 Creel has created The Deptford Quest, a participatory game that leads visitors on a fantastical journey through Deptford via a series of clues and instructions on vinyl floor stickers placed on pavements—from the emblematic anchor at the top of Deptford High Street to the New Market Yard. The game begins at Deptford X Gallery where Creel has made a colourful sculptural assemblage that is available for visitors to enter and explore. At Leander Hall, a community centre on Deptford’s Vanguard Estate, Creel is exhibiting Space for autonomous imagination, a bespoke, interactive bouncy castle. The structure is designed to be open to imaginative play and visitors are invited to enter, using their own creativity to react and explore in new and unconstrained ways. Creel’s contribution to Deptford X festival offers an opportunity for children and adults alike to let down their guards and invent new temporary realities through sharing playful encounters with each other and the local context of Deptford.


Tiz Creel comes from the megalopolis of Mexico City, epitomised as chaotic, surreal and unique. This background informs her artistic practice which is heavily influenced by concepts of play, participation, spontaneity and gaming including forms of free-play, Larping (live action role play), videogames, board games, playgrounds and more.



The Deptford Quest is a Deptford X commission.

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