Lin Kam Art Carni Crew

30 August 2020

Meet the team


I believe music and dance are one of the most powerful things we can do as humans, and have written about this a lot in my own journalism. I have a zest for nightlife and music that we’re blessed with from London’s cultural diversity. I have also been fortunate to speak in primary schools, teaching about the importance of utilising your own creativity in all aspects of education. I love to write, I love DJing and I love gardening and looking after my many plants! I believe there’s a lot more to be seen within London nightlife, and I hope to be a part in its developments

Instagram: @pastakebab


I’m a maths and computer science student with a passion for the Arts.
I’m an enthusiastic and passionate learner with the aim of becoming a socially and ethically aware leader.


Artist, Educator & Carnivalist.  I’m Founding Director of Lin Kam Art which runs events, residencies and programmes, President of the UAL Alumni of Colour Association and Board Director for the Notting Hill Carnival, as well as help run one of the event’s biggest sound systems Disya Jeneration.  Most of my artwork includes my signature ‘freestyle calligraffiti’.

Instagram: @linett_kamala


I’m an artist, I mostly paint, make mixed media collages and do large scale street art murals. The art I create are like pages of my diary and help me figure out life. By day I work as a Presentation designer (yep, I spend most my day on powerpoint lol) but I make so cool presentations and by night I’m an art ninja that wheatpaste art work around London.

Instagram: @azarraamoy


Edward George
‘Sound of music in the year 192020’ – the carnival 2020 Covid 19 more or less dubwise reflection selection

Edward George is a writer, researcher, and presenter of Black Audio Film Collective’s ground-breaking science fiction documentary Last Angel of History. Edward is a founder of Black Audio Film Collective (1982-1998), the multimedia duo Flow Motion (1996-present), and the electronic music group Hallucinator (1998-present). He presents ‘The Sound of Music’ on Threads Radio and ‘The Strangeness of Dub’ on Morley Radio.


Threads Radio

Threads is a Tottenham-based radio station which connects local communities across the world and empowers people to express themselves through music, discussion and art.


Aaja Radio

Aaja resident Dani Hendrix will be bringing her Trini Jamaican roots to Carnival Reimgained. Celebrating by playing calypso, soca, dancehall to dub.


Deptford X

Deptford X Staff:
Nathalie Boobis, Director
Sarah Umar, Festival Manager

Carnival reimagined #4

Studio vibes – working in progress as of 23:00 hrs – dancing whilst painting to playlist from my sound system…

Carnival reimagined #3

First class customer service at the Shaka Laka hair store from it’s proprietor Ali & hair stylist Stacey, who has…

Carnival reimagined #2

Another fun filled day of giggles & preparation in Deptford Market 🤣 – This time with my carnival street art…

Carnival reimagined #1

The weather was super hot (unusual for the U.K.) and I had the best day doing research for my @deptfordx residency…