Kobby Adi

27 November 2019

'End in the And', 2019

Kobby Adi’s Deptford X commission End in the And, consists of a series of sculptures, a digitised 16mm film and a billboard on Brookmill Road. Covering the floor space of St Paul’s House are 120 JD Sports drawstring bags filled with chicken manure that constitute the work Feeeeeeld. The bags, which are usually only attainable by purchasing products from the sportswear retailer, are also sold in bundles online by individuals seeking additional income. The introduction of the manure acts as an absurd gesture that imbues potency and fertility into highly circulated and already culturally charged objects. Trojan (held) are sculptures made from two stainless steel barbecues that house hidden objects beneath a tinted glass top. Both of these works can be found repeated in the filmic space of Adi’s film Over (for now). Shot on 16mm film the work takes its title in part from grime MC Kano’s song ‘Over and Over’. Utilising the convention of looping used to display video art, Adi constructs a repeating narrative of destruction and renewal that always fails to reach a conclusion. The billboard work (for now), situated on Brookmill Road and overlooking Brookmill Park, acts as an extension of the works in St Paul’s House. Informed by a wide range of sources and methodologies including tricksterism, Hip-Hop, museology and archiving, Adi adapts and utilises readymade objects in order to both disrupt and create meaning.


Kobby Adi (b. 1995)  lives and works in London.


End in the And is a Deptford X commission.

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