Lucie Kordačová & Karolína Mikesková

Watching a Strange Theatre

Winners of the Deptford X Fringe 2016 Prize

21 April – 12 March 2017

Watching a Strange Theatre is a video and sculpture installation that transfers some of the features of the remarkable place of the Old Tidemill Garden – a unique, collaboratively run community space in Deptford – into the vitrine-like gallery space of Deptford X. The garden has become a principal theatre of vegetal appreciation, wildlife species, habitants and human activities, through its peculiar magic of tranquility.

Live streaming from the Old Tidemill Garden gives us the chance to see its active life in real time, giving us the ability to observe while staying unnoticed. The images will be screened throughout the night, when the nocturnal wildlife comes into its own, and the theatre will play host to some unchoreographed activity.

Despite the effort of Deptford community, the existence of the Old Tidemill Garden has been currently endangered by the planned local development. Thus, Deptford's wildlife haven has turned from a stage for natural processes like bloom and harvest, death and rebirth, into a scene of another existential drama about the garden's uncertain future.

Lucie and Karolina were the recipients of the 2016 Deptford X Fringe award, in which they were chosen from around 80 projects to present a show in the DX Gallery in spring 2017.

Lucie Kordačová lives and works in London. Recent exhibitions include: 0 or 1 at HIVE Dalston, London (2016); OFF2 BIENNALE, National Gallery, Prague (2016); YOU ARE HERE, Kingsgate Project Space, London (2014); Contextilisation, Kalopsia Gallery, Edinburgh, (2014), Peripheral Vision, Biennale of young Art, MMOMA, Moscow, (2014); CZECHOSLOVAKIA, The Nitra Gallery, Nitra, 2013; Nalomeni, K4 Gallery, Prague, (2013); Portas Abertas/Open Doors, Forum Eugenio de Almeida Evora, (2013); Minimální trvanlivost, Emil Filla's Gallery, Usti nad Labem, (2013).

Karolína Mikesková lives and works in London and Prague. Recent exhibitions include: Inner Monologue / Eternal Desire, Backroom, London (2016); Kuba Export, City Surfer Office, Prague (2015); On a Boat in the Akashi Bay, Jelení Gallery, Prague (2014); The Life Clock, with Roman Štětina, 35m2 Gallery, Prague (2012). Her work has been featured among others in the group exhibitions: Monument, CCC Gallery, Beijing (2016); Essl Art Award, FUTURA, Prague (2015); Metaphysik der disziplin, Tschechisches Zentrum, Berlin (2013).