Tom Ireland

The Heavens (Deptford Observatory)

St Pauls House, 1 Market Yard, SE8 4BX (Corner of High St and Deptford Market Yard)

Sat 23 – Sun 24 Sep and Wed 27 Sep – Sun 01 Oct.
12-6pm (12-8.30pm on Fri 29 Sep)

Tom Ireland’s installation draws on the history of Deptford as the site of the Royal Navy Dockyards (founded 1513) and its proximity to the Royal Observatory across the Creek in Greenwich. The project is based around a series of new and recent films.

And You've Felt The Horizon, Haven't You? (2017) features footage shot from the container ship Gunhilde Maersk as it traverses the South China Sea from Vietnam to China. The film’s ‘score’ is the sound of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation — an audible remnant of the early stages of the universe: the Big Bang.

Actuality Pictures / The Magic Lantern (2009-17) is a 4-hour (plus) video comprising over 370,000 photographs taken remotely by NASA's Cassini space probe between 2004 and 2016 of the planet Saturn, its rings and moons systems. It’s a digital video about the history of film from its earliest days to the present, and the relationship between photograph and motion picture. It’s also a work of space, time and distance.

ACTUALITY REEL_theheavens (2015-ongoing) sees the artist Jeff Koons’ iconic and omnipresent sculpture Rabbit (1986) floating silently through outer space. Based on a recurring dream, it conceives of Rabbit, with its mirror-polished stainless steel skin, as a cryptic satellite, moving through the universe, acting as both transmitter and receiver.

Tom Ireland is based in Blackpool.

Tom Ireland was nominated for Platform 2017 by Richard Parry, director of Glasgow International.

Tom Ireland:

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