Special Project 2018 - Louise Ashcroft

Party Platforms

Festival Hub, St Paul’s House, 1 Market Yard, SE8 4BX

Louise Ashcroft presented an ‘installed reliquary’ from her Special Project – a series of works that performatively reinterpret words gleaned from the festival's Data Protection Policy, a document that exemplifies the less glamorous work that goes into running a small arts organisation.

The works reflected on how we value individuality and peculiarity. They included  sculptural gifts made for local business owners/residents designed to ward off threats that they identified to Louise, live storytelling that over-analysed the house clearance stalls of Deptford Market, a paper-trail of drawing conversations she's had with penpals, a tea set made of bodily imprints of the festival's Board of Trustees, and a costume for a local mascot based on a collaboration with a local community group. The first four people that obliged were given a free haircut voucher (worth £50+), redeemable at Tuttii Fruittii (2C Douglas Way, Deptford SE8 4AG) who created a geometric pattern undercut based on criss-crossed wreckage traced from an archival image of Deptford Blitz rubble.

Each work took its title from words in the festival’s Data Protection Policy, which served as a set of instructions for the project, as though bringing this uncharismatic document to life.


Stand-up piece with vocal interlude by Megan Jenkins
20:00 on Fri 21 Sept
Festival Hub, St Paul’s House, 1 Market Yard, SE8 4BX

Artist Talk, with clay workshop in collaboration with Lily German
15:00 on Sat 22 Sept
Festival Hub, St Paul’s House, 1 Market Yard, SE8 4BX

Performance tours of Deptford X Fringe
16:30 on Sat 22, Sun 23, Thu 27 and Fri 28 Sept
Festival Hub, St Paul’s House, 1 Market Yard, SE8 4BX

Special Projects are occasional, self-contained commissions that operate outside the curatorial framework of the festival’s two central programmes.

Louise Ashcroft is trying to overthrow capitalism but keeps getting distracted by the new Nike SB Lunar One-Shots. She makes performances and installations which recontextualise objects and observations discovered through fieldwork in ordinary places like shopping malls, strangers’ houses, or trade fairs.

She has shown widely including at Latitude Festival, The Government Art Collection, Arebyte, Artsadmin, BBC iPlayer, Boring conference, Koppel Project, Turner Contemporary, Coastal Currents Festival, TEDx Hackney, with publicly engaged residencies at Tate and Camden Arts Centre. Louise runs the comical performance night Unperforming, is co-founder of free art school AltMFA, and teaches at Goldsmiths and UCA.

Louise Ashcroft is based in London.

Louise Ashcroft:
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Image 1: Mascot for Deptford make in collaboration with a local community group.
Image 2 & 3: Installation shots
Image 4: Object to promote community intimacy, made for a local shopkeeper to respond to his concern about losing close personal connection with some customers now many go to the ASDA instead.
Image 5: Stand-up piece with vocal interlude by Megan Jenkins.