Special Project 2017

D.A.T.A. (Deptford Anarchist Tapestry Association)

Anchors for the Flotation of Undesirable Developments

Deptford X Festival Hub, 9 Brookmill Road SE8 4HL

Wed 13 – Sun 17 Sep
Wed 20 – Sun 24 Sep
Wed 27 – Sun 01 Oct
12 – 6pm (12-8.30pm on Fri 29 Sep)

The Deptford anchor, far from being a symbol of security and safe mooring in turbulent currents, represents repeated displacements, dislocations and dissolutions. Attuned to this contradiction, D.A.T.A. intend to counter the weight of specific (para-)local histories by attaching other anchors (anchors dense not with the weight of iron but of history) to various undesirable developments and floating them above the town.

D.A.T.A is speculating on the air over Deptford being somewhat thicker than we have customarily been led to believe - perhaps even liquid, perhaps even oceanic - and the world turning on a spatio-historic axis described by contemporary 'regeneration' processes and the ongoing legacy of Deptford's maritime-colonial 'past'. D.A.T.A does not want the anchor back; we want new anchors, anchors that float; we want anchors that lift undesirable developments into the sea, into the sky.

Over three weeks from Wed 13 Sep D.A.T.A. will be working on their project in the gallery space adjacent to the Deptford X Festival Hub. Video documentation of production and flotations will also be on display.