Adrian Lee and Nick Ferguson


All the abandoned 'Ad-bins' within a 1 kilometre radius of Deptford train station.

Site Adsite' is a public-realm photographic work that playfully explores the themes of gentrification, the passing of time and the relationship between public and private interest in the neighbourhood.

The works make use of advertising space on the front of cigarette bins affixed to the fronts of bars and restaurants. The bins, installed ‘for free’ throughout London by the courier firm Addison Lee in 2007, raised questions around their townscape impact and in 2012 were banned for the purposes of Addison Lee advertising.

Referencing the registers of architectural surveying, as well as the tradition of mise-en-abime in which a picture recursively appears within itself, each abandoned bin within the Deptford X neighbourhood has been photographed to produce an in-situ elevation, and the printed image then inserted into the former advertising space, before being re-photographed.

The works are accompanied by digital maps of the locations and documentation of the project will be available on the artists’ websites, thus providing a record of how the buildings to which they are affixed looked at the time of Deptford X 2018.

Open 24/7 throughout festival.

Adrian Lee:

Nick Ferguson:

This venue is wheelchair accessible.