Sisters From Another Mister


1 Carriage Way, SE8 4BZ (off Deptford Market Yard)

Sat 23 – Sun 24 Sep and Wed 27 Sep – Sun 01 Oct
12-6pm (12-8.30pm on Fri 29 Sep)

Sisters From Another Mister is the jointly authored artistic identity of Milda Lembertaitė and Amelia Prazak. Their sculpture Punsulis takes its name from Milda’s cat, who lives in her hometown of Klaipėda, Lithuania. The work incorporates numerous visual and material references spanning different cultures and times. Punsulis is an avatar around which the work revolves and through whose eyes we may start to see. The artist’s cat is reborn as philosopher and witness to histories of migration and displacement — and never-ending dreams of elsewhere.

The form of the sculpture draws on the iconic figure of the maneki-neko, a waving (or beckoning) lucky cat that originated in Japanese and Chinese cultures but now circulates worldwide in golden plastic form.

The carving techniques used by the artists speak of traditional European folk art, while the perpetually waving arm, hammered from metal, resembles Catholic milagros charms. Still used in parts of Europe and Latin America, these charms bring luck and heal ailments in the parts of the body they refer to. Healing and cleansing are recurrent themes in the work — the sculpture is carved from the wood of the London plane, a tree planted to absorb car pollution.

Sisters From Another Mister are based in London.

Sisters From Another Mister were nominated for Platform 2017 by artist Haroon Mirza.