Shawanda Corbett

Shawanda Corbett was nominated for Platform 2018 by Oreet Ashery.

Shawanda Corbett works with film, photography, performance, text and ceramics. Her practice draws on an extensive knowledge of African, European and other artistic traditions. Corbett trained initially as a painter but soon began to experiment with ceramics, attracted in part by the medium’s collaborative aspects. From clay pots she moved on to sculpture, working with porcelain and then iron. Her influences range far and wide, from Charlie Chaplin to African American history, John Akomfrah to Jan van Eyck, African studies to Jacob Lawrence.

Oreet Ashrey: 
Shawanda’s work confronts race and disability. In her MFA degree show performance at the Ruskin School of Art in 2017 she presented two wearable wooden sculptures, one that she wore herself and the other worn by an able-bodied performer. The gigantic, Bauhausesque, bell-like structures revealed only the two heads of the performers. Both figures elegantly glided up over a wooden platform. The performance was ambitious, economical and incredibly effective.

Shawanda Corbett is based in Oxford. She studied Fine Art at Rochester Institute of Technology, New York (2013-16) and the Ruskin School of Art (2016-17).

Shawanda Corbett:

Oreet Ashery: