Shaun Caton

Nowhere/Now Here

139artspace, 139 Greenwich South Street, SE10 8NX

Using the former shop window of 139artspace, Shaun Caton is creating a mysterious performance that unfolds over time, presenting miniature wunderkammers (cabinets of curiosity) and their metamorphic contents to the scrutiny of passersby. Making tiny drawings of objects inside the cabinets on found paper, these will then be displayed within the cabinets and on himself. Passersby can project light from torches onto cardboard cut-out totems to create amazing shadows on the performer. Caton will use battery powered magnetic tapes played on analogue cassette players fixed to his body to add atmosphere and ambiance. The concept of a makeshift mini-museum within the shop window makes for an unusual and developmental performance project by one of the UK’s leading performers.

Curated by Marketa Senkyrik and Sergio Santinato.

Visible 24/7 throughout festival.

Opening and performance: Fri 21 Sept 18:00 - 21:00

Shaun Caton:

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This venue is wheelchair accessible.

This project was awarded a Deptford X mini bursary.