Héloïse Delègue


Curated by Adriana Tranca

The internal mechanisms of curating are almost never revealed to the public, to which an exhibition addresses: rendering an exhibition as a fait accompli. The discussions, the negotiations and the frictions are out of view. Why?

As a reaction to this canon and as an attempt to critique current curatorial practices, this exhibition is derived from making public a conversational approach between artist Héloïse Delègue and curator Adriana Trancă. They will be publicly discussing details of organising an exhibition at DX Gallery using written messages and images live streamed on a screen in the gallery’s window. After one week of dialogue, the result will be a three-week exhibition of works by Delègue.

The curatorial theme of the exhibition as well as the starting point of the discussion is scopophilia, the pleasure in looking — from the Greek, skopeō, ‘look to, examine’, and philia, a ‘tendency toward’.

Delègue's work investigates narcissism and sexual tensions and gender hierarchies from a contemporary perspective. She distills and integrates the ‘symptoms’ of social media and dating apps such as the importance of highly visual stimuli, the forefronting of desires, and the ubiquity of swiping gestures. Her layering of textiles, paint, drawings, plexiglass and found objects explores and expands the concealing/revealing dichotomy in an attempt to bend society’s given paradigms of understanding.

Héloïse Delègue (b. 1985, lives and works in London, UK)
With a BA in Visual Arts from the Sorbonne University in Paris and currently part of an MFA at Goldsmiths University in London, Héloïse Delègue is an artist of layers, be they of materials, of understanding or of the self. She has exhibited internationally in the US, Sweden, Luxembourg, China, and the UK.

Further details
7th October 2017 - 11th October 2017 | live streamed dialogue on window front

12th October 2017 - 5th November 2017 | exhibition of works


DX Gallery, 9 Brookmill Rd, London, SE8 4HL